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We are often asked what is the best home backup generator. Truly, each backup generator is different. With that, it’s best to call a professional to learn about generator sizing options.

Home generators are a backup power source for your home that will automatically turn on in seconds following any power outage or power service interruption, keeping the lights on, the water hot, the HVACⓇ or heat on, your electronics charged and operational, keeping your lines of communication open, and your home safe and secure for your family and your property.

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A backup generator is like that of an insurance policy. Truthfully, no one can promise you when you may or may not need one. The true value and worth of a generator lies within an individuals tolerance when it comes to losing power and their budget. Those who truly rely on electricity, especially those who need it for medical reasons, or those that live an a community that often loses power – a home generator can help keep a home or business powered.  In our opinion, a generator installed is great for those consumers that are seeking a true peace of mind.

It’s safe to say that owning a backup generator is like investing in a long lasting insurance policy. Truthfully, while you can’t predict when you will need or use your home generator – when you do need to use it, it’s a life saver. If you are the type of individual who gets frustrated or stressed at the idea of losing power, a home generator is really your solution. On top of this, if you are an individual that relies on electricity for medical purposes, or for work, a home generator is essential. At Florida Power Solutions, we like to say that owning a home generator is like investing in your peace of mind: the benefits are endless.

For example, a home generator helps homeowners keep their home running during a power outage. You can have your TV, computers, medical equipment, and/or other important appliances running – even though the local area may be experiencing an outage. In addition to this, the best home generators can help protect a home from dangerous power surges.


Most homes on or close to a major body of water, like the Gulf of Mexico, or the Myakka River, are excellent candidates for a home generator. Why you might ask? By owning one of the best home generators, homeowners can stay powered up during major storms, hurricanes, and/or flooding, which can typically cause power outages for days.

As many locals know in the area, during hurricane season, not having a home generator can be both frustrating and nervewracking. Let’s review the case of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Then, the superstorm caused millions of homeowners to lose power for weeks! In some cases, like the apartments in Rockaways in Long Island, homeowners had to wait 14 days for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide generators.

In Florida, it’s essential to make sure that your home is powered up 24/7, whether regularly or for emergency purposes. Whether you have children, pets, or even for yourself, we cannot deny the importance of electricity. It’s how you warm food, take showers, or keep your home cool during the scorching hot summer. For the benefit alone of being able to keep your home “on-the-grid” during storms or hurricanes, a home generator is easily one of the best inventions of our time. Trust us when we say that, next time power goes out and you have your new generator, you will be forever grateful.

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